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You may remember G-child aka Gina Morganello as a contestent on 2007's Ego Trips: The White Rapper Show which aired on VH1.
The show Hosted by rap legend MC serch and super producer Prince Paul.
(Yes, she was the one who was mentored by Vanilla Ice!)
But, This girl has been performing her music years before and is a dedicatded emcee with a knack to rebell against mainstream opinion to the fullest.
This pint-sized firecracker ignites the stage better then some of the guys in the game!
Influenced by artists like, The Lordz Of Brooklyn, Young Black Teenagers, Da Brat, & House Of Pain , (Cypress Hill, Mad flava, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, Funkdoobiest, Onyx). she keeps it true to the essence and roots of old school to mid 90's hip-hop and isn't ashamed to admit it.

She is a hip-hop artist who carries her punk rock attitude to the studio and the stage, repping for the underdogs on a grand scale!

"Growing up I listened to a bit of everything. Of course it was 90's hip-hop that that had a huge impact on me. Its like I was born at the wrong time cuz that's the type of music I always wanted to do but was too young at the time to do it. So, Now as an adult I am taking that music and doing it! Everyone else likes to hear the "New" shit that I am just not a fan of. I rarely listen to hip-hop anymore. I'm a very nostalgic person and tend to stay stuck in my ways a lot. I distinctly carry my influences with me today those artists are House of pain, Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, Da Brat, as well as More rock inspired bands like Crazytown and Lordz Of Brooklyn."

Dont expect to see This wild child wearing any "sexy" attire either. She has been true to herself from day one and is fed up with sexism and all other things that have been characterized by ignorance in hip-hop music.

"It seems like every female emcee has to look sexy and sex has to sell in the industry. Well. I wasn't coming from the same industry. I never wore chick clothes and I just kept it real, dressing like the artists who I looked up to growing up. Looking back, A lot of female artists wore baggy clothes in the early and mid 90's even R&B artists like TLC, Aaliyah, & Excape."

"I have No made-up image and wasn't afraid to admit my influence and I think that was a Huge part of me making it onto the show as well. I can see through the fakeness and so can the intelligent. I'm different because no one is paying me to dress a certain way or rap about sex and shit like that. I am who I am.
I will never change my image or what I rap about for anyone or any amount of money Ever!! "

This girl carried a cassette tape walk-man with her down the hallways of her high school in 2004 and was made fun of for that. Ya know what though? It was only becouse she didn't have the equiptment to transfer the classics to cd.
G-child let those kids laugh all they wanted because at the end of the day she knew that she wasn't just another carbon copy like the rest of them being consummed by modern day ignorance.
This girl has aspirations to chase the dream, not the competition.
How many other artists do you know of that are like this?

G-child has opened for artists like Vanilla Ice, Danny Diablo aka Lord ezec & The Shotblockers, AnyBody Killa (formally of psychopathic records) New found Glory, WolfPac, Project Born, and Horrorcore rap royalty star King Gordy. She also did numerous benefit shows and festivals including the 12th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos. (Which featured Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Insane Clown posse, lil' john).
She had also headlined maney shows of her own.
To sum it up G-child is a true to the underground local legend that was able to reach millions of viewers with her heart of gold and energetic "Don't give a Fuck" personality.